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Asset Sale, Asset Lease, Engine APU and LLP

The details, photographs and technical information provided are for the purpose of initial review only and will be subject to changes w.r.t. technical parameters, which may include but will not be limited to the Aircraft’s/Helicopter’s /Engine’s/Part’s condition, Airframe & component’s time, etc.

Verification of the Aircraft’s/Helicopter’s/Engine’s/Part’s actual condition shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer/Lessee.

Events, Conferences & Advertisements

Flying Machine helps you promote your Events/ Conferences for free.

Flying Machine reserves sole discretion to disapprove/reject Events/ Conferences/Advertisements considered inappropriate or with unacceptable wordings, image, animations, video or other media content shall be disapproved/ rejected.

The Events/Conferences Organizer/s is/are directly and solely responsible for the content of the advertisement/s.

At all times, Flying Machine reserves the rights to review, suspend, terminate or remove any Event/Conference/Advertisement without prior notice.

Advertisement must be provided by the advertiser in acceptable digital format.

All Events/ Conferences/Advertisements must conform with the laws, the advertisement acts and standards of advertising in India & Abroad.


Uploading a resume does not create any binding contract of any nature between a candidate and Flying Machine.

Flying Machine takes measures to safeguard all information provided by applicants.

However, the Company is not liable or responsible for unauthorised access or use of the information by any third party.

Flying Machine do not demand money or any fee from the candidates for recruitment.

Flying Machine disclaims its liability in case of individuals relying on any such fraudulent communications/e-mails and making payments basis those communications/e-mails.


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